About Our Logo

– Blue depicts the ocean/water tributaries that are so important to our region and how the settlers reached Virginia.

– Green abstract of Virginia is reflective of where we are located.

The white swoop represents the trail itself.

– Three points signify the three landing areas of the Virginia Company expedition prior to establishment at Jamestown (Cape Henry, Point Comfort & Claremont).

– The Birthplace of America Title on the right side of the logo reflects how this area influenced the rest of the eastern seaboard and helped spread the colonial spirit.

– The left side is intentionally blank – reserved space for our partner trails and future branches off the main trail system.

Our project traces the establishment of our nation as we sought freedom through the first landings, the first revolution, and the second revolution. As we know, freedom was not truly established until the actions of the Civil War started the process for freedom for all Americans, regardless of the color of our skin, religion or beliefs.

The Birthplace of America Trail will highlight the importance of our region as we bring forth health benefits, economic benefits, and transportation alternatives. But much more important – the bridge that brings forth an understanding of our human nature and our instinctive desire to live in harmony.